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Welcome to Abbey Animal Hospital in Oakville, Ontario

Our veterinary clinic has been serving pet owners in Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area since 1988.

At Abbey Animal Hospital, we seek to provide the best animal care and to welcome our patients and their families into our lives. Our team of highly trained and experienced veterinarians are pet lovers and have the capability to diagnose and manage a wide variety of medical problems.

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Respecting and nurturing the human-animal bond since 1988

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Everything you need to know about heartworm prevention, protection against ticks and fleas and rabies vaccinations for your dog or cat. Keep up to date on which tests and medications your pet needs to stay healthy.

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Meet Our Team

With 5 veterinarians and a full compliment of support staff, we have the expertise and compassion to provide the best care for your pets. Find out more about our staff and the pets that are a part of their families.

Dr. Scott Hobson - Oakville Vet Clinic

Dr. Scott Hobson

After 30 years in practice, Dr. Hobson has seen a wide variety of interesting and unusual cases. When not devoting his time to his patients, he enjoys skiing, spending time with his wife Sue and his feline friend Rupert… READ MORE

Dr. Geoff Beck - Abbey Animal Hospital Oakville

Dr. Geoff Beck

My father was a marine biologist and expert naturalist and everything for me started with him. Right from the beginning, he made sure I understood that the sticky milk in milkweed wasn’t actually milk and that… READ MORE

Dr. Adam Rossborough - Bronte Veterinarian Hospital

Dr. Adam Rossborough

As a child Dr. Rossborough’s parents had a small hobby farm in rural Ontario. He always had a natural curiosity about how and why things work and, as a young boy he became fascinated with caring for animals… READ MORE

Dr. Sarah Bishop - Misssissauga Oakville Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Sarah Bishop

All Dr. Bishop ever wanted was to be a vet. Her first “real” job as a teenager was as a receptionist at a small animal clinic in Burlington. From there she was hooked, fascinated with the variety and excitement… READ MORE

Dr. Adam Rossborough - Bronte Veterinarian Hospital

Dr. Maggie Rockx

Dr. Rockx has had a lifelong passion for working with animals. The veterinary profession was the natural answer when combining her enjoyment for studying biology with problem solving. It is this career that… READ MORE

Delivering excellent service and quality care in Glen Abbey

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