Oakville Veterinarians - Abbey Animal Hospital

Abbey Animal Hospital is a well-respected veterinary clinic located in Oakville, Ontario. It was purchased by Dr. Scott Hobson on April 11th, 1988 after operating as a satellite clinic for approximately 1 year. It came with a minimum of equipment, space and staff and only a small tabletop file cabinet of client cards.

Over the years, Abbey Animal Hospital has grown in both the physical and business sense.  The facilities have been expanded, modernized and re-equipped. There are now 5 veterinarians; including 3 partners Dr. Scott Hobson, Dr. Geoff Beck, Dr. Adam Rossborough and a full compliment of support staff.

Our veterinarians are fully trained to diagnose and treat most medical conditions that might afflict your pet. As our community changes we are presented with a whole new set of needs and expectations from our clients, a whole new world of information and technologies from our science, and an ever growing bond between people and their pets.

At Abbey Animal Hospital we seek to meet these challenges, to fulfill a role of leadership and to welcome our clients and their pets into our lives.

Our Team


Dr. Scott Hobson - Abbey Animal HopsitalDr. Hobson graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1984. After graduation he worked at Ganaraska Animal Clinic in Port Hope and Renforth Veterinary Clinic in Toronto before purchasing Abbey Animal Hospital in 1988.

After 30 years in practice Dr. Hobson has seen a wide variety of interesting and unusual cases. He is certified in Pennhip, a method for evaluating the integrity of breeding dogs’ hips.

When not devoting his time to the clinic and his patients, Dr. Hobson enjoys skiing, spending time with his wife Sue and his feline friend Rupert.

Dr. Geoff Beck - Abbey Animal HopsitalMy father was a marine biologist and expert naturalist and everything for me started with him. Right from the beginning, he made sure I understood that the sticky milk in milkweed wasn’t actually milk and that no self-respecting rabbit would have anything to do with chocolate delivery.

One spring early on, he placed a glistening, crimson salamander in the palm of my hand and watched my face light up. I was lucky; there were no cell phones at the time so I got to see the real thing.

The denouement of my professional life had been written by age four and we would work together on and off for the next three decades on whales, seals and fish in the Canadian Arctic, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Caribbean, and on Sable Island. So I went to McGill and worked as a marine biologist for two years before graduating from OVC in 1995, joining Abbey Animal Hospital in 1996.

“The origin of the word doctor comes from the latin docere ‘teach’ and I believe this is one of the most fundamental and necessary qualities of a veterinarian. It is my hope that clients will leave the exam room with the answers to all their questions and a few they haven’t thought of yet.”

I live with my wife, Robyn in Oakville and sometimes think she invented the smile. After twenty five years of owning dogs, we find ourselves without one at the moment having lost Sadie recently.

I got our cat, Boots from a very kind family that wanted the best for a little cat with rickets. This valorous little kitten who could break a rib by sneezing, endured 6 months of uncertainty before emerging on the other side. Despite having the body and look of a six month old feline, she is fearless and regards us as inferior beings. She has a tight grip on our hearts nonetheless I worry for the physical and mental health of whatever dog arrives next to join us in our house.

Not long ago, my father and I stood together fly fishing in a beautiful freestone river in SW Alberta. He heard my phone ring over the rushing water and I knew he would disapprove of the sound interrupting the majesty of the place as I quickly glanced at the message. “You could have missed the fish of a lifetime to open a picture of the salad someone just had for lunch,” he said. “Look up son!” and that is advice I would recommend to anyone.

Dr. Adam Rossborough - Abbey Animal HopsitalAs a child Dr. Rossborough’s parents had a small hobby farm in rural Ontario. He always had a natural curiosity about how and why things work and, as a young boy he became fascinated with caring for animals. It was these experiences that lead him in the direction of the veterinary sciences and a profession that he enjoys being of part of every day.

After completing a Kinesiology degree at McMaster University, he found his way back to his original dream and began studies at the Ontario Veterinary College, where he graduated in 2000. Dr. Rossborough’s original plan was to move back to a small town but after spending time in the Oakville area he realized this was the place he belonged; it combined a great working environment, fantastic clients and a lifestyle he loves and he became a partner in 2005.

Dr. Rossborough takes great satisfaction in helping animals. With each patient he specifically tailors their health care to meet their needs, using his experience, knowledge and practicality to guide each and every decision. He is mindful that he has a unique opportunity to make a real and positive change in not only his patient’s life but their family as well.

Dr. Rossborough spends his free time with his wonderful wife and daughter as well as his Papillion Zsa Zsa, and his two cats Lily and Gwen. He enjoys endurance sports, finishing many marathons and multiple Ironman triathlons. His philosophy: be persistent, be patient and give it all you have.

Dr. Sarah Bishop - Abbey Animal HopsitalAll Dr. Bishop ever wanted was to be a vet. Her first “real” job as a teenager was as a receptionist at a small animal clinic in Burlington. From there she was hooked, fascinated with the variety and excitement in the medicine and science that came from clinical practice. Throughout her high school and university years she worked at a variety of veterinary clinics in the surrounding area, certain this was the field for her.

After completing a degree in Life Sciences from McMaster Dr. Bishop was accepted into the Ontario Veterinary College and graduated in 2005. Immediately after graduation she joined the team at Abbey Animal Hospital.

During each visit she strives to understand what makes each patient special to their family and to nurture that bond. Creating a space and visit that each pet feels safe and comfortable in is of the utmost importance.

Dr. Bishop shares her life with her husband and two cats, Kiara and Luna. When not working she enjoys photography and getting away to the cottage.

Dr. Maggie Rockx - Abbey Animal HopsitalDr. Rockx has had a lifelong passion for working with animals. The veterinary profession was the natural answer when combining her enjoyment for studying biology with problem solving. It is this career that inspires her with its challenges and provides the opportunity for continued learning and growth.

After graduating from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2016, Dr. Rockx worked in Windsor, Ontario. When offered an opportunity to join the Abbey Animal Hospital team in 2017, she gladly accepted to move back to her neck of the woods. She strives daily to work with patients and their families to maintain and improve their quality of life and strengthen the bond within the family.

When not at the clinic Dr. Rockx spends her time with her rabbit Serena and her two dogs, Belle and Bee. Dr. Rockx adopted Bee at 5 months old after she had been surrendered to a shelter at 2 weeks of age. Her fractured hind limbs were the result of being stepped on by her mother and at 2 months old she had her left hind amputated because the fracture did not heal correctly. Her congenital forelimb deformity became apparent as she developed. She now has prosthetics but prefers her stroller, backpack or just playing on the grass. From time to time Dr. Rockx will also have foster bunnies in her house, fulfilling her special interest in exotic small mammals and shelter medicine. She enjoys hiking with her dogs, gardening and baking.

Dr. Rockx recognizes that each individual is unique; with each of her patients she considers not only their medical needs but also their behaviours and their families to determine the best plans for them.



When Vanessa was young she knew she wanted to be involved in veterinary medicine. Originally she thought she wanted to be a veterinarian; through the help of her high school guidance counselor she found the Veterinary Technician profession. It was then she changed her path, realizing she was more interested in the hands on nursing care.

Vanessa graduated from Ridgetown College in 2002 and, after working in several clinics during school, she returned to Abbey Animal Hospital in 2003. She advanced shortly afterwards to the role of head technician. With each patient visit, Vanessa strives to make it as positive as possible and provide all the love and support that she would for her own pets.

When not at the clinic Vanessa enjoys spending her time with her husband and 3 children. Her family enjoys fishing, NASCAR and sharing their home with a Golden Retriever named Chevy, and Frank, their orange tabby that they took in after having been abandoned as a kitten.

Jennifer Augusto - Abbey Animal HopsitalFrom a young age, Jennifer knew she wanted to work in the medical field. When her family got their first pet in her early teens she also realized she wanted a career with animals. It was then that Jenn made a pathway in her high school education that enabled her to apply to veterinary technician programs.

She was accepted to Georgian college, graduating in 2006 with a veterinary technician diploma. After completing her co-op placement with us, she was asked to officially join the Abbey Animal Hospital team. In her role here Jenn enjoys providing each patient with a low stress environment. She aspires to make each patient as comfortable as possible during their visit with us.

Jenn spends her free time with her husband and young son, sharing their home with their calico named Spice, while her other two cats Jake and Lynkoln keep her parents, sister and nephew company.

Phoebe Sanders - Abbey Animal HopsitalPhoebe always loved animals and knew she wanted to join a profession where she got to work with them. In high school, one of her teachers guided her towards the veterinary technician program and from there her goal was set. Phoebe fell in love with veterinary medicine and being an integral part of patient care.

While attending the veterinary technician program at Georgian College, she completed her co-op placement with us. Phoebe joined the Abbey Animal Hospital team in 2017 after graduating. Helping nurse an animal to health and recovery is what Phoebe finds so rewarding about her chosen profession. Her desire is to have a positive influence in each patient interaction.

Phoebe lives at home with her sister, parents as well as her furry family, Buddy the Lhasa poo and Ollie the cat. In her downtime, she enjoys travelling, hiking and cycling the trails around Oakville.



Jill van den Heuvel - Abbey Animal HopsitalJill has worn many hats since she started at Abbey Animal Hospital in 1988. After a brief leave to complete a B.A. degree at McMaster University, she returned and is now the practice manager.

Jill has 3 cats of her own, S’mores, Bart and Mortimer, and a smooth-coated Collie named Keltie. When not managing the clinic, Jill enjoys camping with her husband and 2 children.

Shelly Rose - Abbey Animal HopsitalShelly joined Abbey Animal Hospital in 2012 with over 25 years’ experience in the veterinary industry. She has a special interest in nutrition, behavior, obedience training and end of life care.

Shelly is an active member of both the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Ontario and the Canadian Club. Shelly and her husband, share their house with their two cats, Wally and Murray and their Bernese, Arlo and Alice.

Amber graduated in 2019 and has a Social Service Worker degree. What got her into the veterinary field was her love of animals and people. Being able to work with animals (and people) is always a bonus for her! Amber joined the Abbey Animal Hospital in June 2021.

Amber enjoys interacting with clients and their pets and is learning new things about the veterinary field daily. She is happy to be working with such a great team and looks forward to her days in the clinic.

Her first pet was a cat named Buddy who quickly became her best friend when her mom brought him home as a kitten. A fun fact about Amber is that she used to play competitive softball. She started playing baseball when she was just 6 years old.

Melissa Brown - Abbey Animal HopsitalMelissa has been an integral part of the team at Abbey Animal Hospital since 1994, when she started as a volunteer, then began full-time assisting our veterinarians. She completed a B.A. in Women’s Studies at Western University. She has an interest in preventative feline medicine and behavior.

In her spare time she enjoys playing piano, travelling with her boyfriend and caring for her cat Savannah. When not at work she can often be seen out photographing wildlife.

Kelsey Arnold - Abbey Animal HopsitalKelsey joined our team at Abbey Animal Hospital in 2011 while completing the Veterinary Administration program at Mohawk College.

She has 2 cats, Fern and Lacey, and a German Shepherd named Mia. When not at the clinic, Kelsey can be found hiking with Mia or enjoying a good book.

Becky Carmichael - Abbey Animal HopsitalBecky  always wanted to work with animals as they play a special role in so many of our lives. She spent 16 years as an Equine Canada Coach and in July 2016 became a team member of Abbey Animal Hospital.

When she is not being entertained by her new kittens Leah and Gunnar, Becky and her husband enjoy the company of good friends, a great meal, and a wonderful glass of wine.

Mahkayla decided to go into the veterinary field because since she was young she enjoyed being surrounded by animals and learning about about them as living creatures. She will be graduating from the Biological Sciences program at Brock University in the Fall of 2021 and will be attending Seneca College for their technician program.

What Mahkayla loves most about her job is the interaction with people that share the same love for animals as she does and also the interaction with animals.

Carling grew up in Oakville and completed her undergraduate degree in 2021 at the University of Guelph with a major in Bio-Medical Science. She job shadowed at Abbey Animal Hospital in 2019 and is pleased to be welcomed back to the clinic as an employee. Here she is building upon valuable experience with her career goal of becoming a veterinarian.

Being able to learn and grow in such a supportive team environment with her vet mentors and staff has been her favourite part of the job. Working at the clinic has reinforced her desire to be in a profession where she can surround herself with others who share the same enthusiasm for animal well-being and meaningful communication with pet owners.

Carling enjoys spending free time with her Shih Tzu named Lincoln, and Rosie, a rescued street dog from Thailand.

Meghan has always been an animal-lover and knew that she  wanted to go into the veterinary field since she was a child. Meghan started her co-op placement at Abbey Animal Hospital in November 2020 and she is expected  to graduate from Sheridan College in May of 2022.

The main areas of veterinary medicine that interests her the most are surgery and radiology. Throughout her co-op, she learns the most about these two areas and gets to observe and participate in the experience.

Meghan’s favourite part about Abbey Animal Hospital is how kind the staff is and how apparent it is that they care so much about the well-being of each and every patient. Their compassion shows with each and every dog or cat that comes through the door.