Meet Our Staff

Abbey Animal Hospital was purchased by Dr. Scott Hobson on April 11th 1988.  Before that time it had been operated as a satellite clinic for about 1 year.  It came with a minimum  of equipment, space and staff and only a small tabletop file cabinet of client cards.

Over the years Abbey Animal Hospital has grown in both the physical and business sense.  The facilities have been expanded, modernized and re-equipped. There are now 5 veterinarians; including 3 partners Dr. Scott Hobson, Dr. Geoff Beck, Dr. Adam Rossborough and a full compliment of support staff.

As our community changes we are presented with a whole new set of needs and expectations from our clients, a whole new world of information and technologies from our science, and an ever growing bond between people and their pets. At Abbey Animal Hospital we seek to meet these challenges, to fulfill a role of leadership and to welcome our clients and their pets into our lives.