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It is recommended that your pet be spayed or neutered at six months of age and to have your pet up to date with vaccines before surgery so that your pet is protected while in hospital. It is not recommended to do any vaccines at the time of surgery because this can compromise the immune system.

    Dental Care



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      At Abbey Animal Hospital, we recommend the following veterinary websites for your interest. Remember that if your cat or dog is ill and needs veterinary care, there is NO substitute for a visit to your veterinarian!

      Please call to book an appointment if you have any questions or concerns.



      Pet Poison Helpline:

      Mississauga Oakville Emergency Hospital:

      Toronto Emergency Clinic:

      Ophthalmology Information:

      Dental & Oral Surgery:

      Ontario Veterinary College:



      Pet Health Information:

      Homemade Diets:

      Ontario Veterinary Medical Association:

      Canine & Feline Diabetes:

      Export Health Certificates:

      American Heartworm Society:

      Companion Animal Parasite Council:

      Veterinary Oral Health Council:

      Idexx Pet Health Network:

      Zoonotic Disease Information:

      Global Nutrition Guidelines:

      Indoor Pet Initiative: